Working with Parents When Your Client is a Teenager

Guest article by Russell Colver, CPCC, SCAC, BCC

I came into coaching through my work in a university learning center, and before that, I spent several years as a high school classroom teacher. So when I decided to strike out on my own as an independent coach, it seemed perfectly natural to include not only college but also high school students as prospective clients – I enjoy kids that age, and I already had experience working with them. We were a match already, right?

Not so much. I hadn’t reckoned on the parent piece. As a teacher, I had only limited contact with parents, and as a college instructor, practically none. My first two or three high school clients were less than stunning successes, and it was quickly clear to me that learning to include parents in the mix while still preserving a relationship focused on my client was something I was going to have to learn to do.

So when I discovered one of Jodi’s early courses, Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD, I leapt at it. And it was exactly what I needed, with a comforting amount of time devoted to the place of parents in this process. Clients who are still living at home are part of a wider family structure, and this course was invaluable in helping me learn how to acknowledge and respect the place of parents in this structure while, at the same time, encouraging them to begin to step back to allow their child to begin to assume increasing responsibility.

Russell Colver, CPCC, SCAC, BCC
Trainer, JST Coaching