Work Life Balance – Sound Machine Tip Video

Today I want you to consider ways to calm your environment. One of those is to get a white noise machine. I just bought one the other day that has nine different sounds. We can go from the ocean to a rain storm then move to thunderstorms or different waves and wintery sounds.

One of the favorites at our house is the one for birds which works well for when you have animals. Our cats love listening to the bird sounds and it allows me to get some work done while they listen to the birds. The main thing is it gives you an opportunity to block out some of the other noises around you, focus on either the work you are doing or taking the time that you want just to relax. Having some of these gentle sounds fill the room can really make for a peaceful time, on your own, doing what you want to be doing.

Hope you have fun!

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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