Why sign up for coach training with JST Coaching?

According to our recent course graduates of both the 30 hour teleclass and training workshops …. “In raising and homeschooling 3 kids with ADD I thought I was an expert!  But the vast reading list, professional expertise, and practical application of the material in this class has markedly improved my knowledge of ADD, and my skills as an ADD coach! ” “This is a very well designed and executed course. In addition to the terrific substantive learning, I really appreciated the terrific appendix of forms and other materials that we were free to adapt for our own purposes, and the attention to the practical aspects of marketing our services.” “I found the workshop sessions informative, supportive and providing us with the tools to be more effective in dealing with students who have special needs.The role plays helped me to better understand how often we can be too directive instead of letting the students be responsible for their life’s decisions.” “Excellent opportunity for professionals in a variety of fields to grow or refine their coaching skills. Invaluable!” We encourage you to check out all our upcoming courses: Provo, UT – 20 hour training workshop, September 14-16 Coaching Children with ADHD – Teleclass  September 13 – October 4 Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD – Teleclasses start October 4 and 6.