Who Needs Deadlines?

Really, do you need deadlines?  When you look on a website and there is a time-limited offer, does that make you jump into action before considering your options?  If your grocery coupon for an item you don’t really need expires tomorrow, will you run out and buy that item anyway? What about those ads for “the first 10 callers only” – do you run to get your phone?  These are just a few examples of when deadlines and expiration dates push our impulsivity button resulting in overspending, disappointment and frustration. Let’s look at the other side of deadlines.  What would it be like for you to have a term paper or a business proposal due, but you don’t have a deadline? When will you start the work and when will you turn it in?  Will the “not knowing” push you to act immediately so as not to be late? Or, will you sit  pondering your options or becoming stuck or inactive?  Consider appointments or a start date for a new job or coach training program?  How would you handle those deadlines or the lack thereof?  My guess is that you will want to know when to show up, when to get started and if you are good with time management, you will log the dates and times into your calendar. Clearly, there are pros and cons to deadlines. That’s where a coach can help.  By asking questions that you might not ask yourself,  a coach can walk you through the decision making process.  For example, do you really need that jewel encrusted toaster cover for $99.99?  If not, how will you curb your impulsivity and desire to buy it before the price goes up?  On the flip side, if you want to sign up for an adult education course or coach training, would it help to know the deadline in advance so you meet that deadline and enroll before the course fills up? Of course! I encourage you to open your calendar and think about your plans for the fall.  What deadlines and appointments are important to remember and might it help you, or a loved one, to have a coach to help you meet those deadlines?