Which Student Coach Training is right for you?

We often have people who want to take all the JST courses and ask for help sorting out which training they should take first! While we are happy to take those calls, here is the breakdown of the JST Student Training courses to give you a head start in your decision.

If you are new to coaching and want everything that you need to apply for an ICF ACC credential:

Empowering Students through Coaching is the course that you want to take. This is a comprehensive coach training course that teaches participants the ICF core competencies of coaching and the intricacies of coaching students, ages 8-30, and their families.  This course focuses on coaching skill building to provide participants with the tools to coach any student and to be supportive of the needs of students with ADHD and executive functioning challenges.

Empowering Students Through Coaching follows the JST Model of Success for Coaching Students and is the only research-based student coach training in the world.  After successful completion of this training course, participants will be prepared to apply for the ACC credential through the International Coach Federation through the ACSTH path.

If you are currently a coach or other professional who wants continuing education and is looking for ADHD Student Coaching skills. You want to join us for:

Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD: This training gives you 27.5 CC and 2.5 RD ICF CCEUs and provides all the tools you need to start coaching Teens & College Students. You will learn the core life coaching skills and gain a better understanding of the neurobiology of the brain to help you support students with ADHD and Executive Functioning challenges. This course is offered as distance education as well as as in a 3 Day Intensive format. Each class is part lecture/discussion and part coaching demonstration and practice.

Coaching Children with ADHD, Executive Function and Behavioral Challenges: This training gives you 26 CC and 4 RD ICF CCEUs, providing all the tools you need to start coaching children. Learn how to shift the coaching process for success with children and gain an understanding of childhood development and behavioral models. Find out how to effectively design a coaching alliance including parents and discover coaching tools for managing accountability and rewards for children.

If you are a Higher Education Professional who is wanting to add “Coach Speak” to your student interactions and support improvement in your Institution’s retention rate:

Customized Private Training for Higher Education: Private Group Training from Jodi Sleeper-Triplett providing coaching skills training directly to your staff and faculty that will open doors for student-directed learning while promoting a growth-mindset throughout your institution. Jodi will customize the training to the faculty and staff attending and offers both virtual and in-person options. JST Coaching & Training is the ONLY student coach training company with expertise in ADHD/EF/LD offering strategies to help struggling students.

Questions? Contact us directly at info@JSTCoaching.com and we will be happy to help you determine the best fit for you!