What will it take? Understanding ADHD in Young People

“What will it take for you to complete this project?” When a coach or parent or teacher understands the fundamentals of ADHD, this is the kind of question the adult will know to ask the young person with ADHD who has stopped making progress on a goal or maybe has not even gotten started. When an adult doesn’t understand the fundamentals of ADHD, the question asked may be the frustrated or baffled, “Why didn’t you do it yet?” The former question recognizes that the young person with ADHD may need extra support and structure to accomplish things; the latter may point to a lack of awareness of the way that young people with ADHD function and what they may need in their lives to be successful. Whether in matters of household chores, homework, college applications, personal care, or bill payment, adolescents and young adults with ADHD often need extra support and structure to accomplish their goals, even to complete what may seem like the simplest of tasks to mom or dad or Professor Jones. The more we, the people involved in the lives of young people with ADHD, understand the nature of ADHD—the underlying neurobiology of the disorder, the symptoms that result from this imbalance in brain chemistry, and the way that ADHD manifests itself in different people and responds to different treatments—the more we will be able to meet young people where they are and offer them help that is truly useful to them. Learn more about ADHD, learning disabilities and related issues to help yourselves, your children and your clients.  A great website is www.help4adhd.org