What Is Good Enough?

In a recent Huffington Post article entitled, What Normal Looks Like, the author describes her
messy, but not dirty, home and encourages all of us to accept ourselves and others for our clutter and normal family messiness. I have many clients who worry about keeping a tidy home, aiming for perfection day after day.

My response is that this is not about perfection. What is good enough for you in this moment and at this time in your life? The author is the mother of young children and she juggles many tasks. Good enough may be getting groceries and doing laundry so the children are well-fed and wearing clean clothes. If her situation went beyond messy and there was a problem with executive functioning skills and she did not know how to keep her head above water, it would be time to get outside help.

My message to you during the busy holiday season is this – consider what is good enough for you and your family. Is it necessary to make your own holiday cards and seal each one with red sealing wax? Yes if this is an enjoyable project for you. No if the idea of creating the perfect card makes you want to run to the Hallmark store. The same thought process works for meals, shopping for gifts, and for hosting a New Year’s Day open house. Go with your comfort level and aim for “good enough” versus perfection. The holidays are for family, friends, and celebrations. Make memories, not extra work.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season with plenty of time to “dance in the moment” while the dishes hang out in the sink.