What Do Coaches Need to Know About ADHD?

If you are going to coach or support young people with ADHD, it likely comes as no surprise that there is tremendous value to becoming informed on the nature of ADHD, common symptoms, and coexisting mental health or learning issues. In addition, understanding that ADHD is a brain-based condition puts the young person’s challenges into useful perspective and helps us all remember the very real hurdles that the individual with ADHD faces. It reminds us of the young person’s need not for mere prompting to get something done but for personalized support, structure, and strategies to achieve goals. This is not a case of laziness or obstinacy or not caring. It is the case of a person facing very real challenges at the level of the brain, which make fundamental life tasks incredibly challenging: from remembering to take one’s medication, to engaging in a normal conversation with peers, to sitting still through a history class and remembering what was taught. There is much to learn. Read, connect with others, attend conferences and get the information needed to support young people with ADHD.