What Are You Waiting For? Coach Training Is Just a Click Away!

Gary Ryan Blair, “The Goals Guy”, wrote:

You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.

So, What Are YOU Waiting For?

Our coach training programs start next week – February 14 & 16

Did you know that…?

JST Coaching offers the ONLY coach training:

  • Focused on coaching adolescents and young adults with ADHD
  • Accredited by ICF, CCE-Global and IAAC
  • Supported by a 2-year ADHD coaching research study which demonstrates that ADHD students can significantly benefit from receiving coaching using JST ADHD coaching model.
  • Includes a 200+ page course manual and copy-ready appendix with forms, up-to-date articles and ideas

JST Coaching has:

  • Course payment plans by credit card, debit card and check – contact us for details
  • Discounts to trainees enrolling in our Coaching Children with ADHD mini-class
  • A business building section of training to get you on the way to successful coaching
  • Classes in English and in Spanish
  • A network of over 400 JST training graduates worldwide

Sign up now! Join the network of over 400 JST training graduates worldwide who are changing the lives of young people with ADHD.