Welcome Home, College Graduates!

Congratulations college graduates!  You have made it through the last 4, or maybe 5 or 6, years to reach this milestone in your life.  It took hard work, sustained focus and determination. Many of you have your parents to thank for their support, from paying the bills to providing the tools you needed to make it. Maybe they paid for a coach to help you succeed.  Thanks, Moms & Dads! Now you have returned home, filled with new ideas, knowledge and a true sense of individuality, to live with your parents while searching for a job. What will it be like?  Can you sleep all day and search for jobs in the wee hours of the morning?  Will you have to return to the old routine of taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom and mowing the lawn? Who will decide? I want to hear from college grads and their parents on this subject. What will it be like in your house? What will need to change? What remains the same?  How will you and your family figure out this new dynamic?