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At JST Coaching & Training, our goal is to provide quality coach training and continuing education.  Our free webinar series is designed to provide you with timely tips and information from our faculty and colleagues.  We welcome requests for webinar topics and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you each month. Want to receive upcoming webinar alerts?  Join our mailing list

Tips for Managing Emotional Regulation in Children and Teens

Could a student in your life use a little natural support for calmer moods in the daytime and more restful nights of sleep? This healthy living webinar focuses on natural emotional supports. Our guest speaker, Lynell Shattls, is a Wellness Advocate who will share how therapeutic grade essential oils can support a student’s emotional needs.

Be prepared to learn ways to be empowered to use these wellness powerhouses for stress, anxiety, focus and so much more. We will learn about specific oils and blends to:

• Help students focus and stay on task in class and during homework time
• Reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence and manage moods for emotional health
• Support overall wellness and immunity support
• Create an environment of trust and connection using essential oils to promote relaxation, immunity support, inflammation support and homeostasis using the AromaTouch Technique
• Relax and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep

If you’re open to think outside of the box, to provide parents, professionals and students with another tool for their tool kit by incorporating natural plant based essential oils, you want to watch this one!

Lynell Shattls is a “retired” HR Executive who has a passion for focusing on the wellness of the whole person and providing natural healthcare solutions. Lynell regularly provides education in the Northern Virginia area and online on using essential oils to support a healthy family and home.

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