We all have clutter – even coaches!

Our programsI have been coaching kids, teens, college students and with ADHD since 1997. During the first 5 years, I would often travel to clients’ homes to take a look at the physical space, discuss the level of clutter and disorganization and help the client family decide on the next steps – coaching, professional organizing or a combination of both. I also met with clients in my home office on a regular basis when phone coaching was not an option. On more than one occasion, clients made reference to my organized office and tidy home. In their eyes, I was a shining example of how one’s space should look at all times.  Of course, that is far from the truth because we all have clutter!  It is just a question of how we manage it, hide it or remove it from our lives.

One of my longtime adult clients once told me that she imagined my sock drawer with every pair of socks lined up neatly by color and style. Ha! It is just the opposite. I understood that I was her role model and she wanted her sock drawer to be that way. I explained that no one is perfect and that it is important to choose the areas of highest importance in the scheme of life. In the end, we focused on her paperwork and time management.  That was her albatross, not the sock drawer.

We all have clutter in our lives, both physical and mental. ADHD coaches are not immune to that. We have learned skills to help our clients while, at the same time, helping ourselves.

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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Author: Empowering Youth with ADHD