• Overview

    At JST Coaching & Training we believe that providing life coaching and ADHD coach training directly to your administrators, staff and faculty will open doors for student-directed learning while promoting a growth-mindset throughout your institution. Through JST’s research-based coaching process, students improve their skills, self-regulation and sense of belonging — leading to greater success in life. Coaching helps students learn solid life skills such as self-advocacy and critical thinking, increasing resiliency and persistence to graduation. Every student can benefit from coaching.

    This public training course, Student Success Coaching Skills for Higher Education Professionals, is designed to provide core coaching skills to help you, your colleagues and your institution increase student-directed communication while supporting students to become more self-confident, independent and self-determined. We know that the demographics vary from campus to campus and we will discuss how to foster success in ALL students.

    Participants will learn core life coaching skills and ADHD coaching skills while gaining a better understanding of the neurobiology of the brain necessary to effectively coach and support students with ADHD and Executive Functioning challenges. Each two-hour lesson includes lecture/discussion and coaching demonstration and practice.