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BUSINESS – Mastermind Marketing


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  • Afraid of running your own business?
  • Wondering how to operate on a small budget?
  • Unsure of your coaching niche?
  • Wondering how to attract the clients you want to coach?
  • Ready to step into your greatness and share it with the world?

At JST Coaching & Training, we provide one-on-one business development coaching for new and seasoned coaches. Our experienced team has been where you are right now and we will help you design and implement the coaching business you desire. There are many facets to building and growing a coaching business. You and your coach will co-create the plan to get you on the path to reach your goals. Monthly and hourly fees available.

Why wait?  Contact us now to set up an interview with our team to choose the best business coach for you!

Mastermind Marketing Groups

Facilitated Mastermind Marketing is designed exclusively for JST Coaching & Training graduates. Join fellow JST Graduates to create the next level of success with marketing for your coaching business.  All marketing skill levels are welcome.

Digital marketing is intimidating to many people and it changes constantly. That’s why we are here. With the help of our Mastermind Marketing group, you will stay up-to-date on all the trends and changes that actually work.

Of course, just because we live in a digital age does not mean that the power of local, on-the- ground, networking can be ignored. Building your local referral network through one-on-one connections and speaking engagements are valuable resources for potential clients.

Your Mastermind Marketing facilitator, Kimber Nelson, will…

  • Meet you where you are in the marketing process and help expand your marketing knowledge in a supportive, collaborative environment.
  • Challenge you and encourage you to challenge others to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.
  • Applaud (loudly) and celebrate your successes while facilitating problem-solving through peer brainstorming and collective, creative thinking.

Ready to get started on your business marketing goals? Contact Kimber today!


Our Coach Training Is:

Course Format Distance Learning via Video Conferencing
MasterMind Marketing - 2018 Dates TBD Contact usto apply for the waitlist.
Seats Available 6
Price $499.00

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