Tips from the Coach – SIDEBAR

Hiring a Coach – What Do You Need To Know?

You will want to interview at least two prospective coaches and ask about experience, training, client references, and affiliation with AD/HD and coaching organizations.  After you have conducted the first interview and feel comfortable with the coach, have your child interview the coach directly to ascertain if the coach is a good match. Coaching is successful only when your child is ready and willing to be coached!

Questions to ask the coach:

  • What coach training courses have you completed, and when?
  • How many clients with ADHD, EF and/or LD have you coached (not including family members)?
  • How long have you been providing ADHD specific coaching services?
  • What is the age range of your current and past clients?
  • What are your professional coaching and ADHD/LD/GT affiliations, memberships, and credentials?
  • What is your coaching plan – fees, length and frequency of sessions, # of accountability check-ins between sessions?