The temptation of mail order holiday gifts

So, how do you keep your family away from the delectable, edible holiday gifts ordered on Cyber Monday and arrive at your door on Cyber Friday (or Thursday evening here at our house)?  Our UPS driver typically arrives after 5 PM with deliveries, making it difficult to hide the chocolate covered blueberries for Hanukkah or the sweet jam for Christmas. Makes me hungry just writing about it!  Here are a few suggestions from Jodi the coach, since Jodi the mom, wife and hungry person does not have a clue what to do! 1. Do not, under any circumstances, let anyone else answer the door. This requires staying home when other family members are at home, of course. 2. If packages arrive when others are at home, tell them that the gifts are not for them, or as Jodi, the coach says, “Oh, it is a business delivery. Please put the box in my office”.  That actually works! 3. Threaten to return any package that has been opened or tampered with in any way.  If that doesn’t work and the packages are opened, you will have to decide if it is a good night to have treats instead of dinner and join in the festivities of the moment. 4. Use bribery. Reward the family member who “saves” the packages. Warning!! The reward does not include one of the treats in the packages. It must be non-holiday related. 5. Give the gift of giving. My favorite is Heifer International. I would love to hear your coaching tips for avoiding holiday temptation and hope you share with our readers.