The Team Approach to Supporting Youth with ADHD

Good morning,

As we get closer to the start of the academic year parents are scrambling to set up an effective support system for their students with ADHD. The young person with ADHD potentially has many different people in his or her life aiming to assist: parents, teachers, doctors, school counselor, academic tutor, school psychologist, therapist, and maybe a coach. Is it possible for all of these individuals to work together in support of the young person with ADHD?

When my clients have multiple professionals looking after them in addition to parents, I consider working as a team to be the most ideal situation, particularly if we are all on the same page, working to empower rather than enable the young person.

Given the multimodal nature of ADHD treatment today, coaches can serve clients with ADHD best when they are knowledgeable on how to (a) reach out to other professionals in the client’s life when needed to ensure the best care and (b) encourage the client to reach out to other professionals to address needs that fall outside of coaching.

Coaches – talk to parents about this approach. Parents – strongly consider adding a coach to your child’s multimodal treatment team.

All the best, Jodi