The Power of Coaching Children

Imagine yourself sitting on the floor of your office playing a game with your 10-year-old client, asking powerful questions when it is your “turn”, helping that child think about what s/he wants to do about a situation that has come up in school, at home or on the playground.

Children can, and will, set goals with our encouragement and learn how to take action steps to reach those goals.  At JST, we will teach you how to do all of this and more!

When I started coaching children in 1997, most people, including other coaches, thought it would not work. Fast-forward 20 years and the coaching children portion of our coach training is vibrant and helpful to all those who have completed the course.  We started with a short course for less than 8 hours but the demand for in-depth coaching skills and knowledge for coaching children increased year after year!  Thanks to my friend, colleague and JST faculty member, Dulce Torres, we co-created a 30 hour course that is now approved by ICF and CCE-Global for continuing education credits.

The great thing about the coaching children model is that it complements the skills of current coaches that work with high school and college students. We know that students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges can be delayed in cognitive process development as well as emotional intelligence.

So, how do you support a 15 year old High School Student that you discover processes more like a 12 year old? With the Coaching Children model in your toolbox you can customize your coaching and shift to meet your client where they are at this very moment.

Ready to make a difference for the children in your community? Reserve your seat for the upcoming Coaching Children with ADHD, Executive Function & Behavioral Challenges.