The joy of parenting (with our ADHD Coach)

Guest article by Karen Croll, Jodi’s assistant

Karen CrollMy only experience with ADHD has been with my son as he was struggling in elementary school with hyperactivity, impulsivity and the inability to break down a project into smaller steps.  Frustrating as it was, it was a relatively mild form of ADHD – one that was effectively managed with medication and behavior modification.

Six years later, I am once again faced with ADHD – only this time it’s a much more severe form plus it’s coupled with Executive Function Impairment, Dysgraphia and an extremely high IQ.  No, I’m not talking about my son but my adult stepson.  He’s been struggling with this undiagnosed condition since he was in second grade and it became more noticeable in middle and high school.  He used his high intelligence and winning personality to get around his limitations.  Although this was mildly successful while in school, these same work-arounds did not help him once he graduated.  He lacked motivation and confidence which led to anxiety and depression and, ultimately, no hope for his future.

By working with Jodi these past two years, I have learned so much about the help that is available to families struggling with ADHD/EF/LDs.  I’m extremely thankful for the resources that I’ve been exposed to as we helped our son find his way into a hopeful future.

We have an exceptional team of professionals working together for him now – one of which is an ADHD coach.  After 4 long months of working in this “coach” capacity, I’m very much looking forward to handing off these reins to his coach.  I now completely understand why Jodi recommends a third-party professional working with the ADHD client.  Our son is much more receptive to her lead and we can enjoy the role of being his parents and enjoy the relationship as he learns to manage his own life.

Thank you Jodi for the incredible impact you and your coaches are having on this ADHD disorder and providing a helping hand to families suffering with ADHD/EF/LDs.

Karen Croll
Assistant to Jodi