The Impact of ADHD on College Students

In preparation for the 2010 AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disabilities) Conference this week in Denver, I wanted to share some of the issues that impact college students with ADHD and learning disabilities.  I look forward to your comments on this topic and hope to see some of you in Denver!

College students with ADHD may or may not be aware of the need to design their environment so they will be productive and have the proper reminders built in.  For the student with ADHD, many issues have an effect on their productivity, self-esteem and overall success.

Areas of concern for college students with ADHD

  • Executive functioning issues
    • Time management
    • Prioritization
    • Procrastination
    • Realistic view of a task or situation
  • Learning styles and learning disabilities.
  • Life balance
  • Co-existing conditions
  • Self care and self-monitoring of behaviors
  • Accountability and honesty
  • Relationship Issues

Coaching can be a great support for these students, with a few of the common areas of coaching focus listed below.

Coaching strategies and support for college students with ADHD

  • Strategies for success
    • Executive functioning tools – calendars, timers, study buddies
    • Learning styles inventory and education
    • Increasing focus/decreasing distractibility
    • Advocating for accommodations
    • Daily routines – personal and academic
    • Connecting with others
  • Setting reasonable and attainable goals
  • Journaling or time tracking
  • Accountability with understanding
  • Coaching contracts
  • Support and positive feedback

I encourage you to seek out information on trained coached for college students with ADHD.

All the best,