The Homework Completion Cycle

If you ask any student how they feel about homework, the nicest thing you are likely to hear is an “Ugh!” grunt of disgust. As adults, we have shifted beyond grunting into the “necessary evil” category which is often drowned out by our own children’s sighs and disgusted grunts.

Earlier this year there was a study published on homework assignment completion rate of student with ADHD. We will talk about the findings a bit later but first take a look at this:

This is a fantastic graph that was shared as part of the study that highlights all of the distinct actions that are needed to successfully complete a homework assignment and turn it in. It is no wonder that a student that is impacted by ADHD and has challenges with Executive Functioning would struggle with this.

In order to be successful with homework, students must accurately record assignments in sufficient detail, bring home the necessary materials, plan ahead for the completion of work (i.e., not procrastinate), complete work efficiently and effectively (i.e., stay focused and complete work accurately), and bring the completed work back to school for submission.

There is a whole lot of Executive Function action involved in that!

As Student Coaches with advanced ADHD tools, we know how to help students break down the cycle and find the gaps in their processes. Many students are frustrated by the last step, when beautifully done homework that a lot of time and effort was spent on is left sitting on the kitchen table the day it is due.

The first study aims were to examine whether students with ADHD in this sample were completing significantly fewer homework assignments in comparison to the teacher-reported classroom average, and to evaluate consistency across teachers in reporting these data.

The next study aim was to evaluate the longitudinal importance of homework assignment completion in predicting the grades of students with ADHD.

The final study aims were focused on examining potential reciprocal associations between assignment completion and GPA over time and to explore malleable factors that might longitudinally predict these outcomes.

You can see the results of the aims of the “Longitudinal evaluation of the importance of homework assignment completion for the academic performance of middle school students with ADHD” study HERE

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