The Credentialing Maze

The Credentialing Maze

Have you ever wondered what all the alphabet soup is about in coaching? If you look at the JST Grad Directory,
the ACO directory, CHADD or ADDA to search for coaches, the variety of acronyms is mind-boggling! What is an MCC, PCC, ACC, BCC, CPCC, CPC, ACT, CMC, MMC, CC, PACG, SCAC, ABC or XYZ and are the letters important?

Well, the opinions are as varied as the credentials themselves. Many of us lean toward credentials that are widely known, such as the ACC, PCC or MCC from ICF, the International Coach Federation, or the BCC, Board Certified Coach, from CCE-Global. These organizations do not train coaches directly and require that their credentialing candidates follow their coaching competencies and standards of ethics and pass written and oral tests to receive their credential. Lists of accredited training programs are on each website. Great, right? Two choices – that’s easy. Well, not quite. Within coaching schools, there may be an option to complete the path to credentialing within the school, awarding the graduate with an acronym unique to that school. One example is the CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, from The Coaches Training Institute. I trained with CTI and chose to go directly to ICF for my Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential.

Are you really confused now? Join the club! At JST Coaching, our training programs lead to a credential or a renewal of a current credential with ICF or CCE-Global. As a service to ALL JST graduates, I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation with any grad who wants help navigating the credentialing maze. I encourage all coaches to seek out a coaching credential. As the field of coaching continues to grow, the world looks for a common denominator, a “marker” so to speak, indicating that a coach has completed training, mentoring, coaching hours and passed written and oral exams deeming them qualified to receive the credential.

Have questions? Give us a call.

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