The Client’s Role: Ready, Willing and Able

Recent posts have focused on the supportive role of coaches and parents. Now you may be wondering, what is the client’s role in all of this?

Just as coaches’ and parents’ roles are to empower the young person with ADHD by providing support and structure, the young person has a clear and active role to play in the coaching process as well. Overall, the young person’s job in the coaching process is to be an interested and willing partner, ready to move forward and work toward positive life changes. In particular, the young person can be asked to participate in coaching by

• communicating openly and honestly
• setting goals and generating action steps
• committing to being accountable and then following through
• calling or arriving on time for phone or in-person appointments, respectively, or canceling appointments 24 hours in advance, if needed.

Bottom line: The young person (the client) needs to be ready, willing and able to engage in the coaching process, even if slowly or timidly at first. As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. The client must partner with the coach in the dance toward success.

All the best, Jodi