“What does it take to make a good team?”  First, connection, second, passion, and third, understanding and knowledge. When team players care about the work they are doing and the people they are working with each day, their willingness to work for the benefit of the team is strong, even when the path ahead might be shrouded in fog or full of speed bumps.  Their understanding of the tasks at hand and of the players on the team makes the journey more enjoyable for all.  In my opinion, a team can be a family working to stay healthy by communicating openly, supporting one another and laughing a lot; or a work team focused on a goal or set of goals.  The JST faculty is an example of a great team and I am grateful for my connection to each trainer and the gifts they bring to the table.

Over the next few months, I will be highlighting our JST Faculty, sharing my personal and professional insights about each member of our global training team. 

Meet Dulce Torres, LPC-S, BCC

Dulce and I met on a shuttle bus after a CHADD Conference in Dallas, TX in 2005. We started talking and made a connection that has blossomed into a strong friendship and a collaborative business relationship. Dulce completed the JST training courses in 2008 and we maintained a strong personal and professional connection.  When it was time for JST to offer courses in Spanish, I asked Dulce to join the team, translate our materials and teach our Spanish language classes, in addition to our English language classes. Since that time, Dulce has been our link to the Spanish-speaking communities around the world and expanding the understanding of ADHD and coaching so that we can reach more students.

 Dulce loves coaching children, “kiddos” as she calls them, and in my opinion, she is one of the BEST!  After many conversations about how to improve my short course on Coaching Children with ADHD, Dulce and I agreed to collaborate on a re-write of the training.  Her expertise, insight and passion for coaching children resulted in our expanded course, Coaching Children with ADHD, Executive Functions & Behavioral Challenges.”   Muchas gracias, Dulce!! 

Our next class on Coaching Children starts next Monday, August 8th and there are still a few spaces left.  Dulce and I will be co-teaching and if your first language is Spanish and you need support understanding some of the concepts in English, Dulce will be there to help you throughout the training.  Sign up today!