Taking Off the Gloves – Collaboration in Coach Training

I have been coaching since 1997 and have had the opportunity to watch the coaching field grow and suffer growing pains. One area of “pain” is in coach training.  Which is the best program? Who “creates” the best coaches?  What’s behind fees, CEUs, contact hours, mentoring?  This list of questions goes on and on. In recent months, I have come to the realization that for me, a coach trainer, the answer comes from within each of you.

1. What do you want your coach training process to look like?

2. What elements do you like about one program or another?

3. Which program will give you the CEUs and the training you need to become credentialed as a life coach and/or as an ADHD coach?

4. Which coaching style draws you in?  Oh, let’s back up one step…

5. Have you ever been coached to experience different coaching styles, models and modalities?

A combination of life coach training and ADHD coach training has been my perfect blend. When it is time to look for training programs for my continuing education requirements, I choose something different each time. A bit of masterful coaching for growth, a new type of coaching to add depth to my training programs, a dose of positive psychology or behavior models for new ideas.

While at the 2012 ACTO conference in Orlando, I had the pleasure of connecting and collaborating with coach training organizations from around the globe.  So much to learn from one another and even more to share with our respective coach trainees. It was truly a meeting of the minds for the betterment of coach training.  I am excited to be a part of a phenomenal group and look forward to collaborating with other ACTO member organizations throughout the year.

If you are looking for a new challenge, a change of pace or to deepen your learning of ADHD coaching skills, sign up for one of the upcoming JST Coaching training programs. Let me  know if our programs meet your needs.