Summertime Coaching for Youth with ADHD

You have most likely read the tips for a smooth summer for children and teens with ADHD.  Keep a routine, don’t overschedule, don’t underschedule, consider the pros and cons of medication vacations (not good for everyone), and lots more great information.  I am here to add summer coaching to the mix.  How great to have your pre-teen, teen or college age child setting life goals, having fun and working with a coach for added support, structure and accountability!  Imagine your high school junior who really needs to prep for the upcoming SATs but is having trouble creating a plan and sticking with it. Enter the coach – a non-judgmental partner in the process.  Think about the recent college graduate in the midst of a full-scale job search. YIKES!  Enter the coach – a partner for goal setting, accountability and brainstorming.  What else can you think of??  Oh – what about getting ready for summer camp or vacation? I have coached a number of children and teens in the process of deciding what to pack, what to leave behind, how to maximize their enjoyment of the time away from home and more. Please consider summertime coaching to create a great time for your child with ADHD and for the entire family.