Setting Goals: Building your Pre-Game

You know you are capable, smart and passionate about achieving your dreams. You are fantastic at seeing the big picture and setting goals. Crunch time is here and all of the sudden it comes to a screeching halt……

…… the perfect project ends up late because it is still sitting on your home computer waiting to be printed out. You have a membership to the gym but pass by every day because you don’t have workout clothes with you. Once you get home the motivation to work out wanes, other priorities crowd in and you never make it back into the car.

Take a minute and shake it off- you are still as capable and smart as ever. You have just been bitten by the missing pre-game prep. Pre-game is made up of simple, small things that often stop you dead in your tracks. (I know, pesky details!) Everything from missing sneakers at the gym to getting enough sleep the night before a big test can be part of your pre-game.

Here’s how to pre-game successfully:

  • Set your goal for the upcoming week.
  • Mentally walk through what you will be doing step by step and note the things that are needed all of the way through until successful completion.
  • Go back to the start of your goal and mentally back up into how you will get there in the first place. Check for realistic travel times, removing distractions, and conflicting priorities. Set yourself up for success!
  • Make mini pre-game goals for gathering the things you necessary and getting them where they need to be. If mornings are just too hectic to remember to grab the sneakers, they can live in your car trunk with the gym clothes (your friends will appreciate a plan for including them in laundry day)
  • If at first you don’t succeed, gather fantastic information for next time you try again. Systematically eliminate roadblocks and tweak your process until you find the sweet smell of success.

Game on!

Guest Blogger: Kimber Nelson