Self-Promotion or Excitement?

I have been away from my desk for over a week, attending the 5th Annual Conversation Among Masters conference held in Asheville, NC. Great 4 days in community with masterful coaches from around the world, and a couple of days reconnecting with friends and checking out Asheville. Nice place! While I was away, coaches and non-coaches alike were registering for our upcoming course, Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD. . And, since I have returned, 3 additional registrations popped in. I wondered if it was self-promotion to share this with all of you. Do you care how many people sign up for our courses? Am I just self-promoting? Or, am I simply sharing my sheer excitement at the overwhelming response to the need for well-trained coaches for youth with ADHD? The latter, of course! Each time a name pops into my e-mail box, my heart fills with joy and excitement. I actually check out where the person lives on Google Maps and consider the positive impact on that community and beyond. Wouldn’t you be excited to see the exponential growth in the number of coaches ready, willing and able to support change in young people with ADHD? Join us. Already trained? Sign up for Group Mentoring sessions, starting June 15 at noon EDT.