Rocking Chair Test

Our Rocking Chair Test is Giving Hope to Future Generations through Coaching. What is yours?

Life comes at you fast…

  • School
  • Work
  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Romantic relationships or lack thereof

Not to mention the un-fun adult tasks that need to happen day in and day out.

It is easy to slip into living unconsciously. Functioning like a robot moving from one task to the next and no stopping to question WHY?

WHY are these tasks that are filling up our day worth doing?

If you don’t know your WHY then you need to take a moment right now and answer those 3 important questions before you read further.


Good! Now that you have your WHYs, you can  move out of unconscious robot living with the Rocking Chair Test.

The Rocking Chair Test is a simple, yet very effective, way to check in on how congruent your life is. When our WHYs don’t match the values we hold closest to us, the mismatch creates frustration, stress, and other unpleasant feelings. When we are living unconsciously, we can never quite pinpoint the source of these jarring, incongruent emotions. However, they start to dissipate once we start taking actions in alignment with our values.


Imagine that you are in of your life. You are sitting in a rocking chair on a wide porch with the warm sun and a slight breeze blowing. You close your eyes. Think back over what you have accomplished through the years. Notice what feelings come up.

Happiness? Regret? If Only? Satisfaction? Why did I?

Many people answer that their biggest regret is that they have  traded precious time for money in a job they didn’t like.  They know that they have more to contribute to the world but do not know how to break out of doing what they have always done. Over half of their day is spent engaging in  “necessary evils” which leaves them drained and with little energy left for the people and thing they love.

If that sounds familiar, we have great news for you. You can love your job and contribute to the world while making a living. You can control your own destiny and end your day feeling that you made a difference in a life, in your community, in the world. You can give hope to future generations through coaching!

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