Revolutionizing Coach Education

We were recently invited to join an amazing collaborative work group that is issuing the challenge to have real, risk-taking dialogue where we call each other IN rather than calling each other OUT.

The Power & Culture work group is on a mission as coaches, coach trainers and educators to fulfill the mandate and use our skills to illuminate unconscious bias and limiting beliefs. We have the opportunity and responsibility to be the tip of the spear in the arena of power, privilege, rank and culture for the coaching profession, society and the planet.

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Jodi Sleeper-Triplett joined Halli MacNab and Johnny Manzon-Santos on the Coaching Show to get real and vulnerable while sharing more about this coaching revolution.

Listen to that powerful conversation HERE

Take a moment and ponder the question: What are your own deeply held assumptions, beliefs and related biases that can create barriers to creating and sustaining climates of inclusion? What one thing you can shift today that will challenge those biases and join us in co-creating an elevated global mindset?

Ready to help others challenge their own beliefs and biases? Join Us!