Pre-Screening Part 2 – Assessing Parent Readiness for Coaching

The prescreening process begins with a call or an e-mail inquiry from a parent or a young adult. Phone tag aside, prescreening usually takes place over a week’s time, including contact with the prospective client and the parent, when applicable.

With that said, it is important not to rush the decision-making process. Prospective clients are encouraged to think the opportunity over without pressure from the coach or the parent. To effectively assess a parent’s readiness to support the young person in the coaching process, a coach’s work will involve two aspects: • gathering information from the parent • sharing information with the parent.

Let’s make these two steps even more specific. • First, during prescreening, the coach aims to gather information from the parent that will help determine whether the parent really wants the services being offered and is willing to let the young person be coached. • Second, in prescreening, the coach works to share information with the parent on the services the coach is capable of providing so that the parent can assess whether the services being offered match those the parent desires for his or her son or daughter.

Once the coach has thoroughly conducted each of these steps of the prescreening, he or she will have significant information to help assess whether the prospective parent is ready to participate in the intake session and to hire coaching services for the young person. One of the coach’s jobs during the prescreening process is to assess the parent’s readiness and willingness to change roles. Will the parent be able to step back from being the advocate for the young person to being an observer and supporter while the young person learns to advocate for and take care of him or herself? Of course, this all presupposes that the parent really wants coaching in the first place.

The prescreening process is also about making sure that the parent really wants coaching for the young person—not something else, like homework help or psychological counseling. Coaches and Parents – use the prescreening process to make sure everyone is ready for coaching!