Practicing what you coach… Self-care

I was doing my best to practice self-care this weekend and did not write a blog post.

Hold your applause….. I was not practicing great self-care. I was completing revisions on my course manual, grocery shopping, doing laundry, reorganizing my office, paying bills.  My self-care amounted to 40 minutes of exercise each day, which is not bad, but it was overshadowed by the time spent working.

Did I know I was doing it?  Yes.  Was this a conscious choice?  Yes.  Do I feel relieved that a chunk of work is done and Monday morning is more relaxing?  Yes.  Is this a good example for my clients and fellow coaches.  Not really.

Taking time off, AWAY from work and responsibilities is a healthy choice.  I dipped my toes in the waters of healthy choices with exercise and family time on Mother’s Day.  But the balance is still out there to be achieved.  A bit more each day, each weekend, each year. Here’s to a more balanced week!