Opening Day for Baseball and Coach Training Enrollment

The 2012 Baseball season officially starts on Thursday with opening day games around the U.S.  For me, it is a sign of spring, memories of Fenway Park, hot dogs, flowers in bloom, flip-flops and sunshine.  I just spent a long weekend in my hometown outside of Boston and reminisced as I drove by Fenway to and from the airport.  Anyone have tickets for a game later in the season?  I will be back for sure.

For JST Coaching, this is the time to gear up for spring and summer coach training programs.  Many people prefer to wait until the days are longer and children are out of school, or at the very least winding down, before signing themselves up for a training course.  My child is older now but I certainly remember coordinating my schedule with spring break and summer vacation.

Now is the time to look at your calendar for June and block off time to learn ADHD coaching skills to add to your toolbox or expand your client base.  Why wait?  Two hours of teleclass a week plus a bit of reading on the beach. What could be easier? With your laptop, iPAD or cell phone you can learn while you travel or sit by the pool. Last summer, we had two of our trainees call in on Skype from European vacations to participate in class.  And, we currently have a trainee who bravely wakes EARLY in the morning in Brisbane, Australia, to join our class at 6 AM!  If you are interested, anything is possible.

We are working on a plan for a 3-day onsite training here in the Washington, DC area in August to meet the needs of those who prefer in-person training and want a condensed course before the fall.  Interested?  Please let me know so we can add your name to the list.

Wishing you a great week and “play ball”!