Number of Facebook friends linked to brain density – interesting

I just watched the  Bloomberg video which provided a nice visual overview of the results of a UK study which found that the amount of grey matter in the brain increases with the number of Facebook friends. “Taken together, our findings show that the number of social contacts declared publicly on a major web-based social networking site was strongly associated with the structure of focal regions of the human brain. Specifically, we found that variation in the number of friends on Facebook strongly and significantly predicted grey matter volume in left MTG, right STS and right entorhinal cortex. ” This is fascinating. And I have my doubts. As a coach working with young people with ADHD, is it now time to encourage my students and their parents to jump on Facebook and find more friends? Imagine the increased inattentiveness ’round the world  if we all did that! I recall how difficult it was for me as a new Facebook user to find a few friends and log off. And, I don’t have attentional problems.  I am very curious about the possibility that those who have more virtual Facebook friends were already socially connected with friends in the “real” world.  If a person has difficulty in social situations, will s/he be better able to make friends on Facebook or are social skills a pre-requisite to making, and keeping up with Facebook friends? Much to ponder and check out. I am not ready to unleash young people on Facebook or other social networks without discussing boundaries – what to share, with whom to share it and the time constraints needed to avoid overload and increased inattentiveness and inability to “shut off” the brain.  I hope to learn more as research continues.