What Will You Do Differently in 2011?

The New Year is traditionally time to look toward the future, set goals, get organized and plan ahead. Of course, oftentimes the planning and goal setting take place during January while the momentum to work on the goals fades away before the end of winter. Now is the time to look at how you will keep the momentum going throughout the year!

What skills do you want, and need, to learn in order to stay on track with your goals?

What training might you need to do what you want to do in the future?

What image do you want to portray to the world?

Who do you want to serve and how will that service to others serve you in return?

And, what will you do differently in 2011?

According to my handy online thesaurus, to do things differently means to do things in your own way, in a distinct way, contrary to norms or expectations, not the same as somebody else. Are you intrigued yet? I would like to share some ideas with you and request that you share your ideas with me.

1. Greet the day with determination and courage

2. Smile at a child

3. Spend less time online

4. Enroll in a class and learn something new

5. Wear a color you have never worn before

6. Review your goals weekly instead of yearly

7. Take an extra deep breath before starting a new project

8. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store

9. Pat yourself on the back each and every day

10. Embrace your brilliance

I look forward to reading your posts and wish you a delightfully different and wonder-filled new year!