The Master Coach Experience

What does it feel like to be coached by a Master Coach? Jodi Sleeper-Triplett holds the distinction of being an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). There are fewer than 800 MCC’s worldwide, so training with Jodi means that you are training with one of the best in the world.

Master Certified Coaches are evaluated based on their level of coach training, coaching proficiency and expertise.  Master Coaches are known for their ability to coach effortlessly, while moving clients forward towards their goals and dreams.  This finely-tuned coaching appears seamless to the clients and to novice coaches, who are learning how to shift from the “doing” to the “being” of coaching.  Training with a master coach will open your eyes to the possibilities of excellence in coaching as you embark on your path to coach certification.

If you are curious about how coaching by a Master Coach elevates the experience, you can see Jodi Sleeper-Triplett do a coaching demonstration during this replay of our webinar, “ADHD Coaching – Past, Present and Future”.

Core Coaching Skills Mastered by Jodi:

  • Adeptly develops a connection with a new client through thoughtful and powerful questions and highly developed active listening skills that help create a safe space for the client.
  • “Dances in the moment” with ease and a flow that allows the client to more deeply explore goals, challenges and choices.
  • Demonstrates confidence in her coaching skills and in the coaching process providing the client with a solid foundation for taking a deep dive into the issues at hand.
  • Appears as much an explorer as well as client and uses curiosity to learn more about the client and the client’s goals and desires.
  • Trusts that value is inherent in the coaching process versus having any need to create value.
  • Uses active listening is both linear and non-linear and responses from the coach evidence learning about the client at many levels.
  • Recognizes both hers and the client’s ability of intuitive and energetic perception that is felt when the client speaks of important things, when new growth is occurring for the client, and when the client is finding a more powerful sense of self.
  • Asks mostly, if not always, evocative questions that are fully responsive to the client in the moment and that require significant thought by client or take client to a new place of thinking.
  • Hears the totality of the client’s greatness and gifts as well as limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Stays connected to complete trust in new and mutual states of awareness that can only arise in the moment and out of joint conversation.
  • Has a sense of complete ease and naturalness in conversation; coach does not have to “work” to coach.
  • Invites, respects, and celebrates direct communications back from the client.
  • Offers a strength-based approach to the coaching process while championing the client every step of the way.

*Contains excerpts from the ICF Master Coach Competencies Levels Table

See Jodi in action in this Master level Coaching Demo