Lunch Lessons – A Coach’s Thoughts on our Children’s Nutrition

I was reading PARADE Magazine in my Sunday paper this morning and noticed this article, Lunch Lessons. A teacher, Sarah Wu, decided to spend one year eating lunch in the school cafeteria which resulted in her new book, Fed Up with Lunch.  I have not yet read her book, but the article points out once again the importance of being aware of what your children are, and are not, eating when they are at school.  Although some cafeterias offer more food options, children are rushed through lunch from the selection process to the cleanup and barely have time to eat the food.  In the introduction to my book, Empowering Youth With ADHD, I told the story of the 4th grade student who was unable to block out the distractions and focus on eating his food during the family Thanksgiving lunch.  With a bit of coaching and compassion, I was able to help him create his own turkey sandwich, which he gulped down right before it was time to leave.  Imagine the students who don’t have help and consider the amount of food that is tossed away each day.  Students have difficulty staying focused in class when they are full of junk food and fatty foods. They also have difficulty when they are hungry.  Take a closer look at what is happening in your local schools and together we can impact change for our children.