Life Happens – Refocusing During Times of Distraction

Pardon the cliche, but “Life Happens”!  It happens to all of us – ADHD or not.  There are times when personal issues distract us from business and vice versa.  A family member becomes ill, a pet needs extra TLC, the A/C goes on the blink during a heat wave.  Last night our garbage disposal stopped working (yes, it was my fault), and in the hour it took for us to bring it back to life, my mind went into planning mode.  How quickly can the disposal be repaired or replaced? What will it cost? If  I need to call a plumber and wait for his arrival, how might that  impact my coaching and training schedule?  Shall I create a sign that clearly states – DO NOT USE – for the family or put a big pot in the sink to keep that from happening?  All that and more, distracting me from making dinner and finishing my evening business emails. You get the picture, right?  A less than life-altering situation can distract and stress-out any of us at any time. The trick is to step back, assess the situation, try to relax and remember that it is just a bit of life happening.  And, it helps to suggest hitting the disposal firmly on the side and checking ONE more time for the reset button. Voila!  Thanks, Dave.