Just Breathe…..

As I sat with my first cup of morning coffee after a not so stellar night’s sleep, I thought about strategies I wanted to share in my blog post today. Continuing to sip and awaken my brain, I took a deep breath and then another. I could feel the energy flow through my body and my thoughts became clearer by the moment. Sure, the bit of caffeine was helpful, but I know that the deep breathing was, and is, a great way to wake the brain, gain clarity, reduce stress and get moving. When coaching, I often take a deep breath and notice how my clients follow suit. The breathing enhances my clients’ ability to think clearly and take action. A few years ago, one of my college students told me that she made it through a tough semester by telling herself to “just breathe”. This became her mantra and her e-mail signature. Each day when she sent a coaching update, I would see the “just breathe” above her name and automatically took a deep breath. Ah, the power of suggestion! So, my strategy for today…. JUST BREATHE.