How Can Coaches and Parents Work Together to Support Young People with ADHD?

Here are some ideas for supporting young people with ADHD in the coaching relationship:


  • Partner with the youth directly
  • Support the goals of the client
  • Provide a safe space to try out new ideas without judgment and to discuss the ideas’ pros and cons
  • Stay mindful of the parent’s concerns
  • Relay concerns about the client to the parent, with the client’s knowledge


  • Respect the boundaries of the coach-client relationship; be open to the information from the coach and the client
  • Avoid pressuring the coach or youth to follow parent goals
  • Provide space for the coach-client partnership to develop
  • Ask questions, express concerns, listen to the youth and stay open to possibilities
  • Remain patient and trust in the coaching process

What else might YOU do to support young people? Share your ideas with us!

All the best,