Healthy Habits for the Holidays – ADHD Coaching Tips

In past posts, I mentioned using an ADHD Coach to help with stress management.  In ADD coach training, we teach the importance of breathing, stretching, walking and quiet time to help our clients with ADHD find a way to decompress during busy times.  Since this is the holiday season, the focus of my blogs have been on holiday stress management and healthy holiday habits. I invite you to begin the process of taking care of yourself NOW, during the holidays, to keep your ADD or ADHD from getting in the way of your enjoyment of this season.  Sound unrealistic?  Here are a few tips:

1. While cooking, have your favorite non-alcoholic beverage on hand to take the edge off your desire to eat the food you are preparing.  A cup of hot cider with cinnamon or a spiced Chai tea can do the trick.

2. Do you need to clean your house before next week?  Start NOW and do a small section at a time. Start with the areas you don’t use very often and consider those basically done. Move on to the cluttered areas and decide what must go or be put away. Enlist the help of an ADHD Coach to set priorities and plan out the time you will clean each day.

3. Feel like you are doing everything? You probably are doing more than you need to do on your own. Ask other family members to help. Delegate and be specific with your instructions.  Write down what you want each person to do, and allow them to monitor their own list.  Bottom line – you are not a magician and can’t just make things appear and disappear. Wow, that would be nice….

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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