Guest Blogger Series: The Disorganized Mind by Nancy A. Ratey

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are slowly coming back from devastating heat, power outages, property damage and stress on the mind, body and spirit. I was using self-coaching techniques to get myself through this difficult time and immediately thought of my friend and coaching colleague, Nancy Ratey, the author of The Disorganized Mind (St. Martin’s Press 2008). When our power was restored, I sent Nancy a quick text message and she graciously gave me permission to share some nuggets of wisdom from Chapter 12: Strategies for Maintaining Spiritual and Mental Wellness. Enjoy!

“Maintaining a healthy mental or spiritual life is contingent upon balancing work with play, taking time for yourself, and giving back to the community. Failure to adhere to personal boundaries, to keep emotions and negative tapes in check, and to curb impulsivity can contribute to diminished spiritual and mental wellness. When you give support to your internal life, your external life will also be better.

Keep Perspective – Be Comfortable in the Gray Zone

In times of crisis or stress, your sense of clarity can be skewed and the desire to make things “black or white” can be very compelling. Be sure to be flexible with yourself and others. Allow yourself time to be in the “gray zone,” especially if there is a crisis that is out of your control, like death or divorce. Recovery can’t be forced, so let your emotion run its course. In time, the fog will lift, and your energy and clarity will return.

Practice Relaxation Exercises

ADHD people often live in a state of constant stress. It’s important to learn how to slow down and distress, both mentally and physically, at any given moment. Learn relaxation techniques and methods to center yourself at any given moment. Practice slow-breathing techniques or join a yoga or meditation class. If you are spiritual, make daily prayers a priority.”

© 2008 Nancy Ratey

These are just two tidbits from Nancy’s great book. Look for more throughout the month of July.

Stay cool and be safe.

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