Coach Training Tools: Getting Personal With Your Planner – Part 3

Part 3 from our guest blogger, ADHD Coach Becky Wheeler, shares tips for coaches, coaches in training and ADHD clients.

Top Ten Tips for Using Your Planner

  1. Use time-saving abbreviations to save time, but ALWAYS write down the things you need to remember (tasks, appointments, etc.)
  2. Distinguish types of activities/appointments with different colors to make things easier to spot and track.
  3. Transfer all information from various sources to your planner.  Contact information, assignments and ideas all go in one place.
  4. Before starting homework, place numbers next to the assignment in the order you’ll do them.
  5. Start with tasks that require the most concentration and move to easier tasks as you tire or your medication wears off.  If you have trouble with a particular task, tackle it between two easier ones.
  6. Break long-term projects into chunks.  Use a month-at-a-glance calendar to plan mini-deadlines and transfer them to your daily planner.
  7. Plan for procrastination.  Schedule your project deadline a couple of days early, leaving room for the unexpected, good (party invitation!) or bad (computer crash!).
  8. Use a visual cue to indicate a task is completed (a check box or strike through).
  9. Star or note any materials you need to take home or bring back (to work or school) and check your planner while packing.
  10. If you can’t finish everything, leave the assignment with the least penalties undone and schedule it to complete the next day.


Becky Wheeler is an ADHD & Life Coach dedicated to helping clients untangle their lives and find the strategies and systems that work best for them.  For more information, visit