Fun Ways to Train Our Brains

I am not a big game player.  Solitaire resides on my desktop for times when I am on hold for a long time or need a brain break from work.  I enjoy training and coaching, but sometimes I need to shift my mind to something different.  We all need to take breaks, as long as the games don’t become the focus of our time and energy on a daily basis.

While perusing the Sunday paper, I read about a new brain training application (app), called Brain Trainer by Lumosity. I downloaded the free trial to my iPhone and checked it out. Well, I was hooked very quickly.  After sitting at my desk writing articles and paying bills, the Brain Trainer games really helped me shift my thoughts get a clearer perspective.  And, I must admit that I had difficulty  dividing numbers in my head for one of the games.  That was the clincher!  I ordered the full package online for use on my computer and my iPhone and went for the low cost option to add family members. None of us are getting younger and this is a fun way to exercise your brain.

Whether you choose this program or another, I encourage you to do something to exercise your brain. It is never too soon and never too late!