Feedback & Testimonials: Great Marketing for Coach Training

I am grateful for the opportunity to train coaches and aspiring coaches on the intricacies of coaching teens & young adults with ADHD.  It is fun, inspiring and a great learning experience for me as well as for the class participants.  Each class is unique and the information shared during our weekly lecture and discussion hour and the role playing segments bring up questions and comments which make for a better training program.  That’s not to say that the training needs much work, but I am always open to suggestions.  The feedback I receive during classes and in the post training surveys is helpful and greatly appreciated.  We have updated our reading list, added more information on executive functioning to the course appendix and now offer a private bridge line for trainee practice between classes.

The testimonials we receive are a gift and make the best marketing “pitches” for JST Coaching and our programs. Thanks to all who kindly contributed these heartwarming thoughts.

Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD:

“I have nothing but rave reviews for this course! I finished a life coach training course and went immediately into Jodi’s course afterwards. It worked out WONDERFULLY for me. I got just the specialized instruction that I needed. I am ready to dive headfirst into coaching the high school and college population!”

“To experience Jodi’s work exceeded my highest expectations even after reading her book. Bravo Jodi, WHAT a gifted talent you are.”

“This is a very well designed and executed course. In addition to the terrific substantive learning, I really appreciated the terrific appendix of forms and other materials that we were free to adapt for our own purposes, and the attention to the practical aspects of marketing our services.”

“This was my first coaching class of any kind. I was so pleased with the content, trainers, and reading. What a valuable class whether you are actively coaching or just beginning. The excellence of presentation, role plays, and discussion was invaluable with like minds who are passionate about helping ADHD young people succeed”

Ready to learn more or to sign up for a class? Enrollment is now open.  I hope you join the hundreds of people who have trained with JST Coaching!