Father’s Day & Male Role Models – Where are the Coaches?

This morning, I watched with a smile as a father and his two young children left the grocery store. The dad was wearing a colorful cardboard tie held on by string, made especially for him by his children.  They were all beaming with pride.  A nice Father’s Day image. I thought of all the children and teens without fathers in their lives, for one reason or another.  Some children are fortunate to have other family members as their male role models, while others have teachers, mentors, Big Brothers, or sports coaches. In the past three months, I have attended three coaching conferences. Most of the male coaches work with adult clients and/or in the executive and business coaching arena.  As a coach trainer specializing in youth coaching, I am a resource for parents seeking coaches for their teens. We receive many requests for trained male coaches for teenage boys, with or without ADHD.  I am concerned about the lack of male life coaches available to support young people.  What will it take to increase the interest in youth coaching among male coaches? What’s keeping YOU away?