Enhance Your Coaching Toolbox in 2011

Your client arrives at the first coaching session of 2011. She has ADHD and struggles with time management and organization.  Typically she comes to coaching sessions with her daily planner and creates a schedule and a few short term goals for the week, reviewing her ideas with you as she plans. Today, she is looking for a new perspective on her life. “A fresh start and a chance to look beyond the daily grind” she states.  This is an exciting opportunity, one that may not pop up every day for coaches supporting clients with ADHD.  As I mentioned last week, many ADHD coaches stay in the accountability stage of coaching to support the daily needs of the client, missing the chance to use life coaching tools to enhance the lives of clients and lighten up the coaching process. Today’s Tool: Vision Stories Vision stories can be written, recorded, drawn on a canvas or in a sketchbook.  Whatever modality works best for the client and the client is always at choice. Here is the request to pose to your client: “Write/talk/draw your vision, your passions, your values and dreams – the being, the feelings, the sights and sounds of what your life will be like, what you will be doing and where.  Choose a few time frames if you wish – one year, 2 years, 5 years, and so on. Don’t get stuck on the “how will we get there?” That comes out of creating the vision and purposefully moving the vision forward. Through our coaching, we will work on finding paths for you to explore as you work toward your vision, your future.  Add in the passions and dreams for your life, both personal and professional.  Leave nothing out. If it is what you envision in the future, write it.  Remember, you can change it later. And, if there are “things” in your life now that you do not want in your vision, just leave them out.  Feel free to share this vision with family and friends and bring it to coaching sessions for us to explore together.  This is a joyful exercise, intended to give you a sense of freedom and a fresh outlook.” Have fun with your coaching and your clients will find more joy in their daily lives! For more details, post a comment or send us an e-mail.