Empowering Youth With ADHD – Live Radio interview TODAY at 2 PM ET

Want to know more about Empowering Youth With ADHD and Jodi’s unique model of coaching? Join Jodi for a LIVE Radio interview at 2 PM ET TODAY on Answers for the Family. Here is a tidbit and we hope you tune in for more! The November 2010 release of the Edge Foundation research study clearly shows that coaching is a valuable intervention for young people with ADHD. Now, in addition to medication, tutoring, and therapy, coaching can be added to the treatment possibilities of young people with ADHD. When all of the pieces of the ADHD puzzle are addressed—from adjustment of brain chemistry to strengthening of skills and acquisition of strategies—young people with ADHD can begin to see light in their lives and to unlock their ability to go after their dreams. Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, developer of the Edge Foundation coaching model and author of Empowering Youth With ADHD, believes that young people with ADHD have all of the potential they need inside of them. Coaches, parents, and allied professionals are in a position to help young people realize that potential—not by doing things for them but by empowering them to draw on their strengths and gifts and develop into their best selves!