Empowering Students Program Requirements

At JST Coaching & Training, we want to ensure your success and make certain you are ready to embark on the journey into a comprehensive coach training program. Our admissions process provides you the opportunity to review our program requirements and ask questions before enrolling.  It also gives the team the chance to get to know you!

Program Requirements

  1. Applicants will have successfully completed at least two years of post-secondary education.
  2. Applicants should be open to feedback, have a capacity for self-reflection, critical thinking and be willing to explore different perspectives in coaching.
  3. Applicants need to have internet access in order to join class.  They may use a computer or smartphone (with camera) for all live classes and as well as mentoring sessions. Telephone access is to be used as a backup only, not as your primary method of participation.
  4. Applicants are required to attend all live classes or to notify the JST team if there is a planned or emergency absence in advance of class.
  5. Applicants should understand how to access and use our learning platform, TalentLMS.  Support will be provided as needed by our administrative staff.
  6. Applicants will need to acquire at least two adult clients by week 8 of the course.  These clients must be willing to have their coaching sessions audio recorded for evaluation  purposes and for your ICF ACC credential application.
  7. Applicants must make all payments in full before receiving a course completion certificate necessary for ICF credentialing.
  8. Applicants are responsible for the cost of all course books, at least 3 audio recording transcriptions, (discounts available), additional mentoring hours (optional), ICF membership and ACC application fees.
  9. Applicants should be prepared to spend at least three (3) hours/week outside of the class to:
    • Review course materials prior to each lesson
    • Complete reading assignments
    • Watch assigned videos
    • Complete written responses to self-study questions
    • Meet with an assigned coaching buddy for one hour/week
    • Meet with an assigned mentor for seven (7) small group and three (3) individual mentoring hours.

Ready for the Next Step?

Upon our review of your application, a JST team member will contact you to discuss your options and answer additional questions you may have before enrolling.