Decisions, Decisions – Getting Ready for College

I remember the process of shopping and packing for college, both for myself and, many years later, for my son.  Let’s be honest – most of us take too much “stuff” to college and oftentimes have to shop again to get what we really need.

Here are some tidbits from recent conversations with college-bound clients with ADHD on what to take to college.

  1. I want to take as many clothes as possible so I don’t have to do laundry until I go home on break.
  2. I only wear jeans and T-shirts and as long as they don’t smell terrible, I can wear them a few times.  Underwear… well, maybe I should bring a lot of that.
  3. Oh, I will buy everything when I get there.  My medication?  Yeah, I guess I need to bring that with me.
  4. I want to go shopping with my new roommate but my parents want to do the shopping with me. What can I do to make them understand?
  5. Whatever fits in the back of my car is what I will take to college.  My laptop, some clothes, shoes, whatever.  I want to be with my friends before going to college, so I don’t have time to deal with this stuff.

I encourage coaches and parents to discuss the options and decisions with the student to help them make good choices.

Wishing you the best on this new journey,